WANTED:   Personal/Group Trainer For Fast Growing Training Studio

"If You Have Passion and Energy for Making a Difference in Peoples' Lives, we Have a Fun and Fulfilling Training Position Just For You!"

From: Diana Inglis
Empowered Fitness
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Dear Prospective Fitness Trainer,

First of all, thank you for taking the time to visit this site. It's our sincere hope that you have precisely what we need in a fitness trainer so that you can join our team in the fun and rewarding training position we have available.

Let me tell you a little bit about me, our company, and the training position.

Empowered Fitness:  Why We Do What We Do

My name is Diana Inglis and my husband and I own a Personal and Group Training Studio called Empowered Fitness with sites in Half Moon Bay and Pacifica.

Empowered Fitness is dedicated to helping women and men change their lives through health and fitness.  And we know that by changing the lives of the clients we work with, they will take that change back into their lives and bring it to their friends, family, and work colleagues.  That is why we do what we do....the ripple effects of the value we bring will do a small part in changing the world!
Our Core Values are:
  1. Inspiration and Empowerment for Clients, Team Members, and our Community
  2. Unmatched Personalized Service
  3. Sincere Commitment to Caring for our Clients
  4. Never-ending Continuous Improvement
  5. Having Fun
We offer holistic and customized nutrition and fitness programs designed to change our clients' lives.  We are passionate about making a real difference for our clients and we work hard to make each and every person feel important and valued.

What We're Looking For

We are looking for an enthusiastic, motivated, and energetic person to join our team of professional Trainers to engage in both our Personal Training and Group Training programs. 
You MUST resonate with why we do what we do.  We are looking for team members to join our cause and to be a part of something greater than just themselves!

We looking for trainers to join both our Half Moon Bay location and our Pacifica location at 156 Eureka Square Drive in the Eureka Square Shopping Center. 
A Unique Opportunity to GAIN EXPERIENCE!

If you are chosen for this position, you'll begin an introductory period where you'll participate in our classes, shadow our Trainers, become familiar with our programs and overall philosophy, and we'll get an opportunity to learn more about you as well. We want you to have a complete understanding of what our company and our programs are all about and likewise we want to see you in action. If everything works out, then we'll transition you into a permanent role at the studio.

When we hire trainers, we are looking for candidates with a passion for helping people and a commitment to the health and fitness industry.  You need to convey and demonstrate that you WANT this!  If training is just a job for you, then this is NOT the right place for you.
And we are willing to take the time and effort to TRAIN you on how to be a Best-In-Class Fitness Trainer and Coach!  You will get experience and mentoring that very few businesses are willing to provide.  It is rare in this industry to get this type of opportunity to learn with proven experts in the field.  But we know that it is tough to GET that experience and we are willing to invest the time and money to provide it.  This truly is a unique opportunity for the right person!

A Fun and Fulfilling Place to Work

Our studio offers a supportive, fun environment, an ever-growing set of training equipment, a team of dedicated and passionate Trainers, a committed group of Clients, and the unique opportunity to learn how to become the BEST Trainer that you can be.
You also have the opportunity to change people's lives....a LOT of people's lives!

Our studios are fun and successful places to work and we reward passion for the fitness industry and for our clients. 
You will also have opportunities to expand your skills beyond just Training.

You will be compensated well, treated with respect, and there are significant growth opportunities for you once you become a part of the team.

Tasks You'll Be Expected To Perform
  • Develop Comprehensive Health & Fitness Programs: You'll receive coaching and training on our fitness philosophy and programs, but you'll have flexibility to incorporate your training style and knowledge. And ultimately you will be a part of the creation process bringing new and innovative programs to our clients.
  • Tracking Client Progress: In order to ensure a client's success in our programs, you'll need to track weekly progress, current successes and challenges, review client nutrition and exercise log worksheets and more on a weekly basis. It will be your job to hold a client accountable to his/her health and fitness program to ensure they achieve the best results possible.
  • Perform Fitness Evaluations: You'll apply your fitness assessment skills and test for: body composition, body weight, girth measurements, and various strength and endurance tests. You do not need previous experience, but if you do, that's a bonus.
  • Coach individual clients and groups through monthly programs: You'll be responsible for weekly exercise sessions and keeping detailed weekly progress reports on the clients you're working with. If a client is having challenges throughout his/her program, you'll coach and motivate that client and make appropriate changes to ensure consistent progress.
  • Demonstrate Proper Exercise Instruction: This is a big one. You will need to be able to provide proper coaching, instruction, and motivation during a training session. You should have a working knowledge of the human body (i.e. muscles, movements, functions, etc) and be able to provide appropriate exercises for client's goals.
  • Provide Ongoing Health and Fitness Education: Our clients rely on us to service all of their health and fitness needs. It is your job as a fitness coach to provide your clients with health and fitness education on various topics that will empower them to lead healthy lives forever. You'll be provided with educational tools and resources and will be expected to study them and speak about them with your clients.

Required Skills

These are the skills you must already have in order to qualify for this position:

  • Good Communication Skills - You will be constantly communicating with clients and prospective clients, all of which are VERY important to our business. You must be comfortable conversing in-person, on the phone, via email/text, and know how to conduct yourself professionally and deliver clear instructions to clients. We will teach you everything you need to do during a training session, but you must be able to bring manners, tact, and professionalism from day-one.
  • People skills and personality - You must LOVE working with people! As mentioned above you must be very comfortable working with people. This is an exciting studio and you must be able to show your clients energy and excitement while working with them. Our clients come to us for our help and guidance and the time they spend with us must be about THEM! You must be able to leave your troubles and worries at the door and focus completely on our clients' needs.
  • Health and Fitness Education - You do not need personal training experience, but you should have or be in the process of attaining formal Personal or Group Training certification from ACE, AFAA, or NASM. We can help point you in the right direction here as well.
Bonus Skills

If you have these additional skills, your resume will go right to the top of the stack (but if you don't have these skills, you should still apply because they are not mandatory).

  • Previous personal training experience (fitness studio, health club, in-home trainer, etc.)
  • Basic nutrition knowledge
  • College Degree in Exercise Science or related field
  • CPR Certified
How To Apply!
I'm looking to hire the right person quickly. So if this position and Empowered Fitness feel like a great fit for you, then complete the web form below and we'll contact you by phone:
Again, thanks very much for your interest,

Diana & Mike Inglis
Empowered Fitness

P.S. This is not the type of job where just showing up is enough. This has GOT to be a passion for you!  I want nothing more than to find a person who finds real meaning in changing peoples' lives.

As long as you have the basic skills I mentioned and a true passion for changing lives, you're definitely a candidate! So submit your information today!